Karuizawa x Yamanashi“Time Slip2”

この度、RED Photo Galleryではオリジナルラベルのプライベートボトルウイスキーを作りました。

RED Photo Galleryの3周年を記念して、 2018年9月にボトリングし、13人のギャラリーメンバーの写真と瀬戸正人さんと須田一政さんの写真を起用して15種類のラベルとなりました。日本の写真と日本のウイスキーの素晴らしい組み合わせで限定202本。
Red Photo Galleryは、Place M(www.placem.com)と、このプロジェクトを手伝ってくれたStefan Van Eycken(Nonjatta)に感謝いたします。

This whisky, containing malt from the legendary Karuizawa distillery and the short-lived Yamanashi distillery, was blended in the early 1970s and spent the rest of its life in glass, slumbering in a forgotten warehouse in the cold north of Hokkaido. After a serendipitous discovery, this fantastic find was moved to Tokyo, and reinvigorated for 3 years and 4 months in a freshly disgorged Karuizawa sherry butt from the early 80s. Bottled in September 2018, in association with the 3rd anniversary of the Red Photo Gallery in Tokyo, it comes in 15 different label editions, featuring the photography of 13 members of the gallery, and Masato Seto and Issei Suda. A wonderful pairing indeed of Japanese photography and Japanese whisky.
This commemorative, private bottling is not for sale.
The Red Photo Gallery would like to thank Place M (www.placem.com) and Stefan Van Eycken (Nonjatta) for their help with this project.